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Guests are to write the names of different objects or facts that are associated with the colors red, white and blue. It might be specified that they write the names of red vegetables (beets, tomatoes, red cabbage, etc.), names of variations of the color white (off white, oyster white, blue white, etc.).

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Draw a large 30 inch heart on cardboard. Make circles of diminishing size on heart to make target.
The colors can be used for other listings such as blue flowers or white precious stones.

Angel Pie garnished with Cherries or Green Tinted Grapes Salted Walnuts.

Guests are each given one try with toy bow and arrow or with darts. The circle that they hit will indicate the state of their heart. Cut hole in center of large red cardboard heart. Put long red strings through the hole and place heart on top of a screen or door with boys on one side and girls on the other.

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Pulllling Heart String

Have a string for each couple. Each boy takes one end of a string and each girl takes one of the strings on the other side of the heart. Heart is pulled from top of the screen and after the strings are untangled, the partners for the next game are found.

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Save up to $200 on a Mac with education pricing

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